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Our Process

We provide you with all the recruiting tools you need to succeed during and after high school. Get the exposure you deserve with your own personal recruiting web profile and team of sports consultants. We will work alongside you every step of the way.

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Review & Plan Your Academic Eligibility

Academics are an essential part of every recruiting effort. We’ll review NCAA core course requirements, review GPA, discuss transcripts, and look at ACT and SAT test schedules and recommend a course of action to maximize your academic standing.

We Build and Maintain Your TJSC NCAA Scouting Database Web Profile

After your academic review, we begin to build your NCAA scouting database online web profile. This is how we interpret your goals and achievements to provide additional exposure to college coaches who are actively filling rosters. Your profile will feature your personal biographical information, physical attributes, statistics, academic information, and media (videos & pictures).

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Evaluate and Discover Your Best Fit Universities/Colleges

The process of identifying potential universities/colleges that meet your academic and athletic goals begins. We establish your goals and research universities and their coaching staffs. We examine their recruiting needs for current and future recruiting classes. We analyze “best fit” components that include coaching styles, recruiting habits, prospect mannerisms, prospect style of play, just to name a few. These components allow us to determine the “best fit” programs to target.

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Connect to College Coaches

Our exclusive Outreach Program establishes constant communication with college coaches on behalf of our prospects. We determine their recruiting needs and begin the communication process. We establish our prospects athletic and academic assets and project their impact to the college programs.

Get on Track to Recruitment

We provide you with all the recruiting tools you need to succeed during and after high school. Get the exposure you deserve with your own personal recruiting web profile and team of sports consultants. We will work alongside you every step of the way.

Begin the Path to Success
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Understanding & Planning Family Values and Goals

It’s important we hear from parents and the goals you’ve set for your student athlete. For many families, this is often the first time they’ve sat down together to discuss what kind of college experience they envision. This is a great starting point and allows us to set expectations and start to make recommendations and build an individual plan.

Start Planning Today

What You Get When You Sign Up

Highlight & Full Game Videos

Your highlight and full game film are one of the most important components in your recruiting process and your ability to get on colleges coaches’ recruiting radar. You will be required to submit your highlight and full game videos to TJ Sports. These videos can be links from Youtube, Vimeo and other video platforms that college coaches can access. TJ Sports does provide film editing services that are not included in our recruiting plans. Inquire about those services by calling us today!

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Our Recruiting Plans

Our success is based on our four recruiting pillars of success. When you sign up with us, you get the full TJ Sports Consultants experience, professional academic and athletic guidance, and exclusive recruitment opportunities.

Let's Work Together
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Academic Advising Program

Provides you guidance and direction on academic requirements that will enhance your recruiting opportunities. This includes eligibility requirements, registrations and testing, among other academic components that will make you a more recruit-able prospect.


Athletic Engagement Program

Provides you a recruiting experience and includes our exclusive Outreach Program! College coaches know who we are, they see us at tournaments, games and events. Most importantly, they respond to us. We communicate with college coaches for each of our prospects. We understand their needs and they know the quality of our prospects.

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College Listing

Provides a full comprehensive listing of colleges and universities that we will target for you. Information regarding admission requirements, tuition costs, crime data, and demographics provide you the ability to make an educated decision.


Post High School Program

Exclusive to our prospects, this program provides continued guidance on academics and athletics recruiting resources beyond their high school athletic careers. As part of our recruiting family, you will always have someone to help you make decisions that could impact your future. Even when you are in college.

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Our Recruiting Fee

Our fee to join our Recruiting Family is $1,750.00, we offer affordable monthly payments to make your experience easier!

You only need $150.00 deposit (includes processing fee) to join!

Monthly/ 12 months
Only $150.00 deposit!
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Monthly/ 24 months
Only $150.00 deposit!
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Monthly/ 30 months
Only $150.00 deposit!
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Monthly/ 36 months
Only $150.00 deposit!
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