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At TJ Sports, our team is dedicated to supporting the establishment and growth of your athletic career in college. We specialize in building and managing your online athletic web profile to help you get recruited by college coaches. Let us connect you with the right colleges across the United States and support you on the path to success. Our team is here to help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

With years of experience in the recruitment and college application process, our team has the expertise to guide you in the right direction. We have successfully supported high school athletes from all over the country in their athletic and academic endeavors. By joining our recruiting family, you will have access to the same level of support and guidance that has helped countless athletes get recruited by the right schools. Let us help you reach your full potential and achieve your goals.

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Understanding & Planning Family Values and Goals

Effective communication is essential to helping us understand and support your student athlete’s goals. We encourage families to sit down together and discuss their vision for the college experience, as this can serve as a valuable starting point for setting expectations and developing a personalized plan. At TJ Sports, we are committed to working with you to create a tailored approach that meets your individual needs and helps your student athlete succeed.

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The TJ Sports Consultants Recruiting Family Experience

At TJ Sports, we differentiate ourselves by taking a holistic approach to the recruitment process, considering both the on-field and off-field aspects of our prospects. We understand that each athlete’s recruitment plan is unique, but all benefit from a systematic approach that helps them achieve their individual academic and athletic goals. As a prospect in our program, you can expect to have an active role in your recruitment journey and to be supported in overcoming any challenges that may arise. We are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential and succeed in your athletic career, and believe that this requires a strong commitment, patience, and passion.

Get on Track to Recruitment

At TJ Sports, we are committed to equipping you with the tools and resources you need to succeed in your athletic career, both during and after high school. As part of our program, you will have access to your own personal profile and a dedicated team of sports consultants who will work alongside you every step of the way to provide the support and guidance you need. Let us help you get the exposure you deserve and achieve your goals.

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What You Get When You Sign Up

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Exclusive Access

At TJ Sports, the safety and privacy of our student athletes is our top priority. Their profile and personal information are never displayed publicly, and are only accessible to college coaches and family members with exclusive access. We work to keep their information secure while providing them with the best opportunities to get recruited by their dream college. With our support, you can watch your student athlete grow and succeed in their athletic career.

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Our Recruiting Plans

Our success is based on our four recruiting pillars of success. When you sign up with us, you get the full TJ Sports Consultants experience, professional academic and athletic guidance, and exclusive recruitment opportunities.

Let's Work Together
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Academic Advising Program

Provides you guidance and direction on academic requirements that will enhance your recruiting opportunities. This includes eligibility requirements, registrations and testing, among other academic components that will make you a more recruit-able prospect.

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Athletic Engagement Program

Provides you a recruiting experience and includes our exclusive Outreach Program! College coaches know who we are, they see us at tournaments, games and events. Most importantly, they respond to us. We communicate with college coaches for each of our prospects. We understand their needs and they know the quality of our prospects.

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College Listing

Provides a full comprehensive listing of colleges and universities that we will target for you. Information regarding admission requirements, tuition costs, crime data, and demographics provide you the ability to make an educated decision.


Post High School Program

Exclusive to our prospects, this program provides continued guidance on academics and athletics recruiting resources beyond their high school athletic careers. As part of our recruiting family, you will always have someone to help you make decisions that could impact your future. Even when you are in college.

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