Give Your Athletes a Competitive Advantage

Arm your student athletes with the tools necessary to get noticed by college recruiters. We will work alongside your athletes and you to determine the best plan of action to help them achieve their academic and athletic goals. We are committed to guiding prospects and answering all their recruitment questions.

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What We Can Do For Your Athletes

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Our Recruiting Plans

Our success is based on our four recruiting pillars of success. When you sign up with us, you get the full TJ Sports Consultants experience, professional academic and athletic guidance, and exclusive recruitment opportunities.

Let's Work Together
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Academic Advising Program

Provides you guidance and direction on academic requirements that will enhance your recruiting opportunities. This includes eligibility requirements, registrations and testing, among other academic components that will make you a more recruit-able prospect.


Athletic Engagement Program

Provides you a recruiting experience and includes our exclusive Outreach Program! College coaches know who we are, they see us at tournaments, games and events. Most importantly, they respond to us. We communicate with college coaches for each of our prospects. We understand their needs and they know the quality of our prospects.

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College Listing

Provides a full comprehensive listing of colleges and universities that we will target for you. Information regarding admission requirements, tuition costs, crime data, and demographics provide you the ability to make an educated decision.


Post High School Program

Exclusive to our prospects, this program provides continued guidance on academics and athletics recruiting resources beyond their high school athletic careers. As part of our recruiting family, you will always have someone to help you make decisions that could impact your future. Even when you are in college.

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Let's Work Together

Our goal is to help high school coaches find the right college for their student athletes. We create lasting relationships with anyone who joins our recruiting family, and we do everything we can to facilitate the recruiting process for all athletes on and off the field, track, or court.

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